Feb 25, 2010

Naked Weapon movie fror free download mediafire

Genres:    Action/Adventure
Description : 

In this sequel to NAKED KILLER, Anya and Maggie Q star as Charlene and Katt, the two newest recruits of Madame M, an assassin who kidnaps girls off the streets and trains them to become killers. The two quickly become Madame M's top students and, as a reward, are assigned to kill a prominent but CIA protected dignitary.

Marit Thoresen    Fiona Birch
Almen Wong Pui-Ha    Madam M
Daniel Wu    Jack Chen
Kai Yan Kwok    Little Katherine
Renee Nichole Rommeswinkel    Young Charlene Ching
Mo Ka Lai    Little Jing
Augustin Aguerreberry    Drillmaster
Maggie Q    Charlene Ching
Anya    Katherine
Jewel Lee    Jing
Monica Lo    Student murdered in Cage
Benny Lai    Tattooed Yakuza Boss
Pei-pei Cheng    Faye Ching
Dennis Chan    Mr. Chan
Hoi Lin    Ryuichi
Director(s):     Siu-Tung Ching

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